Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A vacation to remember.

 Last week, Anne and I travelled to Williamsburg, Virginia, for our summer vacation. We took two days to get there, travelling through the Appalachians. The beautiful, rolling hills of Pennsylvania are a part of that journey we enjoy.
 In Williamsburg we visited many historical sites. In Jamestown, the recreated Powhatan village from the early 1600s was a highlight of these visits.
 Another highlight was sailing on the schooner, Alliance, at Yorktown for a two hour sunset cruise, It was idyllic, not like Gilligan's two hour cruise.
 The sunset was serene.
 Less serene was the attack by this turkey!
 On our way home, we stopped off to visit Anne's nephew, Gary, at Arnold, near Annapolis Royal in Maryland, just east of Washington.
A highlight of this visit was having a feast of snow crab legs at a crab shack. Shown here are , from left to right, Gary, Anne, Melany. Bella, Lloyd and me.The Cooper hospitality was supreme.

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