Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Adding tray baskets to my inventory

 Trays have always given me difficulty. Each tray base, depending on its size, needs up to 50 holes drilled through it. The self-taught techniques I used for drilling often left the underside of the base splintered and not at an acceptable standard. So, on Sunday, I asked my friend Hal Adams, an accomplished wood worker, how to prevent this splitting. He invited me to his home so I could see how to achieve holes drilled without the splitting.

It took about a ten minute demonstration to achieve success. The secret was clamping a sacrifice board to the bases to be drilled, and drilling through to that sacrifice board.
 For the rest of the day, I drilled away and prepared ten bases. Each was sanded and then given a light coating of beeswax. The photo above shows one base with its finished basketry work and the nine bases ready for me to complete them tomorrow.
A close up here shows the weaving and colours I used for this tray.

Once I have finished the nine more trays, my inventory will be around 190 baskets. I have left over laminate flooring I can trim to size before Monday next, and prepare as more tray bases. Perhaps the target of 200 baskets ready for the Original Christmas Craft Show will be achieved after all.

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  1. Your tray basket looks wonderful. I've always wanted to weave a basket of my own, but I just never had the time to do so. Looks like the items in your inventory just keep piling up. Good luck!