Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Spencerville Mill plans to open a consignment store.
 Last year, I took part in an exhibition and sale at the historic Spencerville Mill in Spencerville, Ontario. The Mill's Foundation sponsors a series of events each year to bring people to this historic site. The exhibition and sale brought to the mill crafts people showing their crafts from years gone by. My basket-making crafts fitted in well with this.
Last week, I received an invitation to place selected baskets of mine in the proposed consignment store at the Mill. This is planned to open on May 1st, and to be an on-going fund-raiser for the Mill Foundation. I accepeted the inviation and look forward to having baskets for sale there this summer as well as taking place in their exhibition and sale.

To learn more about the Spencerville Mill, click on the link above.

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