Monday, February 13, 2012

This week's project: re-pricing.

This week, I will be re-pricing all my baskets. The time has come to lower the prices so more will sell. I have to accept that this basket-making enterprise is a hobby, not a business, a fun thing to do but not a thing likely to make me rich.
I hope that by lowering my prices I will increase the number of sales while maintaining the revenue level that covers the cost of entry fees to shows and the cost of obtaining the materials from which to make baskets. And, I hope to reduce the inventory I built up for the Signatures Christmas.Craft Show.

(By the way, Anne has been very busy changing my banner to reflect the banners I had produced for the Signatures show. That way all my basketry sites will have the same image. Business cards, in the future, will have this same motif too.)

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