Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More bikes for Togo

 Today I visited Value Village stores across Ottawa from Orleans in the East to Kanata in the West. I purchased eleven bikes to add to the eleven in my shed. These will be shipped by Abdou Amidou to Togo, West Africa, in the new year. The photo above appears to show only one of the bikes I bought today.
 The opened rear door shows a glimpse of the eight stacked inside there.
 The additional two were on the front passenger seat.
Today's collection is now in my back yard. I will contact Abdou later this week to see if he has found access to storage.

This is the third year that Glen Cairn United Church has supported Abdou in helping him fill a forty foot container with goods and clothing and school supplies for the children of Togo. A couple from the congregation donated $500.00 towards the 2012/3 campaign, specifically for the purchase of children's bikes. I volunteered to be the purchaser and collector of the bikes. I have spent almost half of that $500 so far and have twenty-two bikes on hand.

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