Sunday, August 26, 2012

Biking in Ottawa

 Ottawa is a great city for recreational biking. The photo above shows some of the members of "The Wheels of Fortune", the cycling group from our church, Glen Cairn United Church. Since the weather improved in the spring, this group has met regularly every Wednesday evening at the church for a bike ride. We also meet every Saturday morning at various sites in the city where bike trails are to be found. Most times there are between nine and a dozen riders in the group, with seventeen participants having been with the group on at least one occasion. The ages of the participants range from trrnagers to those approaching their eighth decade.
 On other occasions, Anne and I ride on our own. This was an early season bike ride along the Ottawa River Parkway (now renamed the John A. MacDonald Parkway) to see the tulip displays of the Tulip festival.
The gathering place here was Maman, the giant spider in front of the National Gallery of Canada.

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