Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Upgrading open weave baskets

 Over the last few months I made a variety of "open weave baskets" modelled on the one above. This is one we use as the temporary storage basket for cans and bottles and plastic on the way to the recycle box.
 Though we like these open baskets, we have sold perhaps one. So, on Anne's recommendation, I have began to change the open weave into a sold finish. Here one basket is part way under that process.
 The infilling process is completed. Later I might weave a lid for this, and others, and ask Anne to sew liners to convert such into sewing baskets. I know those sell well.
 This open weave basket is made from cane dyed with walnut dye I made myself from walnuts I purchased from a member of the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild.
I had some flat weave cane on hand that was also dyed with that walnut dye. The finished product looks quite good. If it does not sell this weekend at Almonte's Fibrefest, I will certainly weave a lid and change it into a sewing basket. Earth tone baskets sell well.

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