Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weaving with the addition of seagrass.

 With the model of an English Shopper before me, I began to get ready to weave a similar basket with seagrass as part of the weaving material.
 The pre-cut stakes and fillers are shown here as well as the webbing loop.
 Each of the stakes and filler were marked with an "X" to indicate the middle of each length. A 1/4" red-dyed stake was laid beneath a ceramic tile. The tike is for weight, with the "X" just showing at the edge of the tile. Then I added a 1/2" red filler followed by a 1/2" natural coloured stake. I then alternated filler, 1/4", filler, and natural stake as shown.
 Using an under one and over one weaving pattern I placed a 1/2" natural stake at the line of "Xs". The mid-point "X" of this weaver was placed at the middle 1/2" natural stake. The 1/4" red stake was then woven with an over one and under one pattern.
 As I wove in the third 1/2" natural stake, I also wove the webbing beneath it.
 I then completed the base weaving by working its other side
 The 1/2" fillers for the base were then woven into the base weave as shown.
 Using clothes pegs as anchors, I then began to weave the sides.
 Three rows of twining in red round cane added an embellishment to the basket, with green pony beads at each stake in the second row of this weaving.
 Now I was able to see if the seagrass would be a good addition to my weaving repertoire. I feel it looks good.
I will complete the basket, now named as a market basket, tomorrow by adding its border.

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