Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another significant snow event

Today we are expecting between 10 and 15 cm of snow. However, that total appears to have been reached already. I guess I won't be firing up the BBQ today. (The BBQ is on the table on the deck outside our back door almost completely buried by new snow.) This time the snow is light and fluffy not wet and icy like last week's. My son should be able to remove it fairly easily from the solar panels to reveal the ice and snow that remains from last week's fall.

More snow falls are predicted before New Year's Day. Temperatures will remain below freezing for a while yet. We do need temperatures above freezing to try to get the ice off the solar panels.


  1. Stay warm my friend. Hope you and Anne had a very Merry Christmas and warm wishes for you to have a wonderful 2013. Blessings~Nancy

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