Monday, December 24, 2012

Memories of 2012

 Visiting Disney in Orlando with Nathan and his family and Julian was the highlight pf the year.
 On the way back from Florida, we visited Roanoak, Virginia. Lots of railroad memorabilia.
 In Ottawa, our cycling group, "The wheels of fortune," toured many parts of Ottawa and the surronding countryside. This was a new sculpture on the banks of the Rideau Canal.
 One of the many basketry sales venues I visited during the year.
 A stair basket.
 One of the tools of the basketry trade: a lash buddy.
 A Victorian English shopping basket.
 One of the smallest baskets I have ever made with grapevine bark weavers.
 The solar panels in winter after being shovelled off.
And the luxuriant garden in early summer.

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