Friday, December 28, 2012

The BBQ in winter

 During yesterday's 25 cm snowfall, the BBQ got a little buried on its table on the deck.
 The snow was not too difficult to remove.
 At -10 C and with bright sunlight, it was a joy to step outside, light the BBQ and cook a pork chop. Later I added thick slices of ham too.
In the kitchen I readied the rest of the meal. Fried mushrooms, green pepper and onions were in the frying pan. The small saucepan had boiled potatoes that I made into mashed potatoes while the larger saucepan had carrots and broccoli.

When Anne got back home at 12 30 pm, she was ready for the meal I had prepared. Despite saying the plate I put before her was too full, she polished off almost all of it. I do like appreciation for my efforts.

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