Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Selected photos from the 2012 Calendar, "THE POTTERIES."

 The photographs are taken from the Calendar, "The Potteries" 2012, published by Flame Tree Publishing. The photo above is dated 1956 and shows women painting plates at the Wedgewood  works. My mother's first job was as a "Guilder" painting the gold rim on pottery.
 This photo is called "Transporting pots, 1930.
 "Commemorative Coronation mugs and teapots at the Wedgewood Potteries, 1937.
 "Firing kilns alongside the canal at Stoke-on-Trent, 1948." Two memories. In our early dates, Anne and I would walk along this canal and its industrial sites. Many years later we rented a canal boat and toured the same areas.
 "Exterior of the Wedgewood pottery plant, 1947."
 "A narrow boat passes a row of bottle kilns, 1955." Narrow boats are no longer used as industrial supply boats. Recreational uses have lead to the preservation of the canals.
"A view of Burslem, 1932.

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