Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Completing the stair basket.

 At this stage, the stair basket's base level is almost finished.
 Here the second level base is added and almost completed.
The finished basket sits on my stairs loaded down with two half house-bricks to help it retain an appropriate shape.

At the stage before I wove the border I was ready to say, "Never again will I make a stair basket with seagrass weavers." The basket looked quite mis-shapen and I worried about how I could get it to a decent shape. I placed the house-bricks in it overnight to try to shape it. In the middle of the night we were woken with a loud crash. In the morning I found the basket had fallen off the table and landed in the water-filled tote I use to soak the cane. This was the saving of the basket. I wove the border and found that the soaked basket was easy to manipulate into a decent shape. And, by placing it on the stairs with the half-brick weights, its shape was fine. It is now drying to that shape.

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