Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dyeing at -2C

 Today's temperature was a comparatively mild -2C. It was a good day to get outside, fire up the BBQ and begin dyeing. Lots of snow melted over the last few days, but piles still cover the ground and the deck. The cane above was dyed a coffee colour using Dylon dye.
 This skein of flat cane looks orange, but the dye is called Havana Brown. Perhaps when it dries it will be browner.
 To dye the came I add the dye, hot water and salt to the stainless steel bowl and place it on the BBQ. Then with rubber gloves to protect my hands I dip the cane in the mixture. It takes only a minute or so for most of the dyes to take.
 here are all the skeins I dyed today. Coffee, beige, havana brown, beige and blue were the dyes I used. The blue dye does not appear to have worked. However another dye I used in the past looked similar to this, and the colour showed up only when the cane was dry. I hope that is the case today.
 The newly dyed cane is now drying in my storage area. The raffia skein was also immersed in the blue dye and shows no sign of blueness yet.

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