Monday, January 14, 2013

My renewed inventory of supplies.

 Today I received a shipment of cane supplies from WH Baskets of Port Rowan, Ontario. As you can see from the photo above, my current supplies were quite limited.
 A few piles of cane below the cane on the pole were also part of my inventory. The limited quantities, sizes and colours meant I could not make many new baskets.
 From WH Baskets I now have a small selection of handles to work with. There are a couple of Swing "D" handles as well as two sizes of regular "D" handles. The larger "D" handles will serve well for stair baskets. My current supplies of dye are shown here too. Three dyes in brown and one in blue. I will be operating my BBQ with a dye pot whatever the temperature is outside later this week.
 I do have an order to handleless stair baskets with weavers of seagrass, so the skeins of seagrass here will be put to good use.
The bulk of the WH Basket order is shown here. I will have fun over the next few weeks making use of these supplies.

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