Thursday, February 21, 2013

The church's solar panels are installed

A lot of progress has been made with Glen Cairn United Church's solar power project. All 44 panels are now in place. Tomorrow electricians arrive to do the prep work in the electrical room. Then, on Tuesday February 26th, an inspector from the Electrical Safety Authority examines the project before giving Ottawa Hydro permission to hook the project to the grid. By Wednesday, electrical energy should be humming.
Each of the panels is rated at 225W, with a total DC rating of 9.9kW of output. This translates into 9.5kW of AC power entering the grid. The church has a 20 year contract at a fixed rate per kW with Hydro Ottawa. We estimate it will take around 6 years to recoup the capital costs of this venture, leaving a steady income for the church for the remaining 14 years of the contract.

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