Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mushroom and chicken tetrazzini

 While Anne is at choir practice on Wednesday mornings, I have time to do some cooking. Today there were eight chicken thighs waiting in the fridge for me to cook. I checked the various cook books we have and selected, from "The Mayo Clinic Williams-Sonoma Cookbook" the recipe for "Shiitake and chicken tetrazzini" since I had almost all the ingredients on hand. I substituted white mushrooms for shiitake and red wine for sherry. The photographs in this book are beautiful and tempting.
 The recipe was a little more complicated than others I have tried. In the past I have done a one-pot meal. In this one I had to start by poaching the chicken, then in another pot cooking the spaghetti, and in a third pot preparing the sauce. To that pot I added the cooked chicken, the mushrooms and carrots.
All the ingredients were then added to another pot, a large Pyrex dish, for the final process. After mixing the pasta and sauce mix, I sprinkled bread curbs and gouda cheese (a substitution for Parmesan cheese) before baking the meal for the final touch. Not only did the final dish look good, but it tasted good too. Five containers of this dish are now in the freezer ready for other days of sampling this dish.

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