Sunday, March 10, 2013

The new "Choir Window."

Today was the first day at Glen Cairn United that the new "Choir Window" was on view. It will be dedicated at a future time.

My wife, Anne, lead the small committee composed of herself and Diane Evans and Shelly McLeod. After much consultation that began last September, the results of their work were on display today.

Selected symbols of choral singing in the church and the United Church in particular make up what is seen in this window. At the top is a swatch of a music score. Then the treble and bass clefs are shown.  At the centre is the symbol from the cover of the current hymnbook of the United Church. Below are some choristers, and finally a keyboard. The borders match the borders of other windows in the church.

There were many positive comments about the new window at church today.

Photo by Robert Tate.

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