Friday, March 8, 2013

"Journey", by Eleonore Schonmaier.

A comment on my earlier blog about the poetry of Eleonore says, "And the poem "Journey" begins with a basket metaphor which is a lovely interconnection with your beautiful blog."

I sample Eleonore's "Wavelengths of your song" on a daily basis since I find I have to sit and think about the one or two poems I read at one sitting. At the time of the comment above, I had not sampled, "Journey." Here it is:


Midnight is a wicker basket
dropped over the earth, each house blazing

its nightlights through the loose reeds.
An air traveller, serene:

the cup in her hand evokes neither grit
nor salt nor stardust. She imagines

a glide path into a sudden
comforting darkness: wilderness like a tea

leaf floating.
The stars drip dust, echo-locate

the lovers on Muise Island below: 
vertigo moves into their dreams.

At sundown they tasted earlobes and sand.
Only a red blanket separates them from the earth.

Asleep they absorb the saw-whet owls' whistles
and the faint unmapping of the jet's journey

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