Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wavelengths of your song, by Eleonore Schonmaier.

Today I received my copy of Eleonore Schonmaier's book of poetry called "Wavelengths of Your Song. Her poetry is haunting, sparse and beautiful.

She's no longer allowed
to smile. She's asked to remove

glasses. Blinded
she blinks while a stranger

takes her identity
photograph. At the airport

she's asked to remove
her shoes. She hands over

her numbered
passport and its concealed

chip. She's still allowed to cover
her hair.

She's still allowed her clothing.
At this moment, she's still

allowed to cross


At the water's edge
is an empty canoe
open to the pouring

in of starlight;
it's inconceivable to bail
the light out

once it has been
(however briefly)
carried -

Wavelengths of Your Song is published byMcGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal and Kingston - London - Ithica, 2013.

(Eleonore is a graduate of Red Lake District High School.)


  1. And the poem "Journey" begins with a basket metaphor which is a lovely interconnection with your beautiful blog.

    1. I have been sampling Eleonore's poetry and had not seen "Journey". Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and for your appreciation for my blog.