Sunday, April 28, 2013

Packing a 40' shipping container for Togo

 Abdou Amidou and friends are well on their way to completing the packing of this 40' shipping container with goods for the children of Togo. Today, Anne and I dropped off two more adult sized bikes and four children's bikes to add to the container.
Abdou and his friends will complete the packing within the next two days. It will then be transported by road to Montreal and from there it will go by ship to Togo. That journey is expected to take around two months. Once the scheduled date of arrival is known, Abdou and two or three friends will fly to Togo. There they will ensure the material gets through customs. Then they will hire trucks and deliver the much needed goods to schools and villages in rural Togo.

Members of Glen Cairn United Church are glad to be counted among the supporters of Abdou and his mission to aid the "Children of Africa."


  1. Wonderful! Here's hoping everything goes as planned.

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