Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gardening apace.

 Anne's perennial herb garden is flourishing. In the background is some rhubarb, ready to pick.
 For the larger vegetable bed, I planted seeds today: carrots, yellow beans, beets, cucumber and peas, plus a few patches of lettuce. I will plant more peas as the season progresses and more lettuces.
 In the foreground are the onions and peas I planted three or more weeks ago. They are doing very well. In the far end of this patch are tomato and green pepper plants I put in yesterday. The heavy rain of this morning will no doubt help as will the high temperatures expected over the next few days.
 The two varieties of lettuce I planted in this raised garden are doing well. One of Anne's annual herbs is in the centre.
One of the large planters on the deck has more of Anne's annual herbs. I may add lettuces to the other planters at two weekly intervals unless Anne has other ideas.

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