Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting ready for the Heritage Fair at the Spencerville Mill Friday through Sunday.

 Today I began to assemble the baskets and other supplies we will need to take with us to the Friday through Sunday's Heritage Fair at the historic Spencerville grist mill. The mill will again attempt to earn a Guinness Book of records world record for the greatest number of people in Regency costume, since a theme of the fair is re-enactments of the period in and around the war of 1812. Anne made the bonnet shown above to add to her costume. As re-enactors of artisan, peasant basket-makers, our costumes will be much simpler than those of the frock-coated gentlemen and elegant Empire style dressed ladies. Pictures will follow late Friday of our costumes and those of the more elaborate period dresses. As part of the re-enactment, I will be demonstrating the art of basket-making as I make one or two rib baskets.
 The open totes and other loose baskets here will, I hope, fit into my Hyundai Elantra Touring hatchback, along with the shelving units. The mill will provide the tenting that is more in line with the tents of that period. My pop-up sun tent/canopy is not exactly period.
 These totes go on top pf the car, well secured with bungee cords. I did remember this year to take the bungees out before loading the heavy shelving units on top of their storage space in the car.
These stair baskets are also ready to be stored in the car. It will be quite full!

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