Thursday, June 13, 2013

Riding along the Rideau River and Canal from Hogs Back Falls

 Today Anne and I loaded our bikes on the back of the car, and at 9 45 am left home to drive to Hogs Back Falls on the Rideau River.
 In less than 30 minutes we were at the Falls' parking lot with the bikes off loaded and ready to go.
 The Rideau River, at the Falls , was a raging torrent.
 It is here that the Rideau Canal begins to by-pass the barrier. Our bike rode today took the path by the river to the Rideau Falls, and we then returned via the canal bank.
 On the way downtown we passed under the tressle that carries the "O-train."
 Across the river is Carleton University.
 The riverside bike path has many scenic pathways.
 There are other, less scenic parts too.
 Here the path crosses underneath Highway 417.
 Our destination was the famed Rideau Falls. "Rideau' is French for curtain.
 The Rideau enters the Ottawa River at the Falls.
 "Maman", the scultured spider, guards the entrance to the National Art Gallery of Canada, and also provides a framed picture of the Parliament buildings.
The By-ward Market.
 Once we arrived at downtown, we parked the bikes, locked them up, and searched for a good place to eat.
 Angels helped us in the search. Nearby we found "Tuckers" for a buffet style meal. We needed a good long ride back to burn of the calories there.
 We picked up our bikes here at another spot where we could photograph the Parliament buildings.
 Several canoeists were at Hartwell Lock.
 The useful maps show the many bike trails in and around the Nation's Capital.
 A close up view shows our bike route to and from Hogs Back Falls.
Back at Hogs Back and home by 2 30 pm.

We would like to repeat this ride one Saturday morning in July with "The Wheels of Fortune," Glen Cairn United Church's cycling group. We would suggest stopping for lunch at the "Canal Ritz," a resturarant on the canal.

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