Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More progress in emptying my storage room.

 We are slowly making progress in being able to turn my storage room into a basement bedroom. All the tools and accumulated materials are now out of these cupboards and have found new homes in the main area of the basement.
 The three Ikea shelving units are also empty. We emailed both Julian and Nathan to see if they wanted the cupboards or shelving units. No answer as yet. The unwanted items will go to Value Village if no other place can be found for them in our home. Perhaps one of the cupboards could be a bedside table in the new bedroom? A wardrobe will also be needed as well as bedside lamps.

Once these items are removed, the table saw, work bench and steps will be moved to be stored under the stairs. Then, following my last sale in late August, I will attempt to find a buyer for the remaining cane and other basketry supplies and tools. Only then will we be able to paint the room and purchase a new bed for it.
 Some of the tools are shown here in their new home.
And others are shown here.

It will take time to complete the process of conversion, but it will be well worth it when it is finished. September? October?

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  1. A bit more polishing and it would be all set! So how’s it going now? If you’re going to make it another bedroom, you might as well look for another room for your storage.

    Javier @Gibraltar Storage