Saturday, September 7, 2013

Basketry supplies for sale

 I have around 15 skeins of died cane available to purchase at my home in Kanata, Ontario.
 And there are around 75 or so hoops of grapevine ready for sale too. Two hoops, joined together with rattan cane God's eyes, form the structure of a rib basket.
 These whips of brown willow, when soaked, form the ribs of rib baskets too.
 The seagrass can be used as weavers for rib baskets, while the fine cane can be weavers too.
 Six lbs of undied flat and round cane are available too.
While this bucket contains four grapevine hoops, white willow ribs, and enough flat cane weavers to construct two rib baskets.

All these items can be picked up at my home for $40.00.

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  1. Hey, if your basketry supplies sell well, you could make this your new hobby!