Saturday, December 14, 2013

Retirement from basket-making on hold.

 Several months ago I decided to retire from making baskets. While I still enjoy making them, I no longer enjoyed packing the shelving units, loading the baskets into totes tying the totes to the top of the car, driving to a venue, unloading and assembling, and then repeating the process again after the sale had finished. Via Kijiji I attempted to sell the supplies, shelves and other basket-making goods. The sales were somewhat successful in that the shelving units and booth floor coverings were sold. However, I had no offers for the basket-making materials them selves such as those in the totes above.

So, on Monday I fished out these materials and decided to make as many baskets as I could from these left over materials.
 In six days I have been able to make a small dent in these supplies. I managed to make six rib baskets of various sizes as well as one swing-handled market basket. I have promised to take part in a sale on February 2nd at the new Richcraft recreation Centre put on by the local Chinese Seniors. Given the amount of left over material, I will likely have some still left by that date.
My favourite basket this week is this large rib baskets that is made from two hoops of grapevine, ribs of white willow and weavers of rattan cane and seagrass. I still have lots of grapevine hoops left, and enough white willow for two moare large rib baskets.

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