Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wanda's two loaf bread basket: part 2.

The first attempt at weaving the upsett and sides of this basket was not satisfactory. Because I used stakes that were the same thickness as the weavers, I was unable to control how the sides formed to the degree I wanted. So, yesterday, I unwound the sides to the first five rows of weaving and started again. This time I inserted thicker stakes into those five rows and recommenced weaving. As you can see, the results were much more successful with the sides being almost vertical.

The base and sides work together quite well.

The decorative element is made from three rod waling with two rods in natural and one in the dark green favoured by Wanda. I alternated rows of three rod waling and reverse waling to obtain this arrow pattern. The number of stakes for such a pattern must be dividable by three. Wanda happened to visit when the basket, without its lid, was almost finished. She quite likes the results so far.

Now she wants a hinged lid made in a similar fashion to the base to sit on top of the basket. Here is the beginning of that lid. I placed the basket upside down on the board shown here, and traced its outline. I then put two parallel rows of nails around that tracing and added soaked thick cane between the rows of nails. After it has dried and taken on the shape, I will bind the two ends together. All I have to do now is to figure out how to weave the lid!

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