Friday, July 2, 2010

An empty nest again.

In November 2005, Adrian moved from our basement to live in his group home. This gave us time to enjoy the empty next. However, on Valentines Day 2006 Julian came home to stay until he got back on his feet. The nest was empty no longer.

Today, Julian moved to his own place with the help of Nathan. Anne is currently in our basement beginning to put it back into some kind of order. For the last four years we have not been able to use that area after 4 15pm each day since Julian was sleeping, readying for his work to start at anytime from 2 00 am on.

One small benefit from being just at the beginning of my recuperation period is that I was not allowed to help with any of the loading.

We expect Julian to drop by again tomorrow to take the rest of his belongings the 10 minute journey to his new place.I guess its "Freedom 66."

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