Thursday, July 1, 2010


Thank you to all who sent their wishes for my speedy recovery from Sunday's heart attack via this blog, Facebook, and emails. Anne and I really appreciate the support we are receiving.
Yesterday, for example, I received a phone call from my elder sister, Mary, who was on one of her many holidays. Other family members had tracked her down, and she called us from Cornwall. A good friend from church also called, our Minister dropped by for a welcome visit and prayer, and a fellow bass singer from the choir also visited. The number of emails received was a little overwhelming too.

Before I was allowed to leave the Heart Institute on Tuesday, Anne and I attended a 90 minute session on how to cope for the next weeks and months. We were given three booklets to study and to follow. One is called the "Cardiology Discharge Booklet." While it was described as being in need of some updating, it is a very useful guide.

One section in this booklet gives good advice as to what I can do in the first three weeks at home. Some of the items make me laugh. Under the section, "Household" it suggests I should climb stairs slowly (a good idea), and then goes on to suggest I could also dust, polish furniture or do light laundry. While I have been known to do all these things occasionally, they are not highly ranking on my recuperation list of activities.

On the recreational side the booklet suggest I might walk slowly (agreed) and cycle on a stationary bike. Unfortunately we do not have such a bike!. And the suggestion that I could play billiards, the piano, and shuffleboard make me laugh since I was never any good at any of those activities before the heart attack!

Life has changed for us, but it will return to normal in the next few months.

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