Monday, October 15, 2012

Completing the seagrass rib basket.

 The rib basket with seagrass weavers is now finished. I am quite pleased with the result.
 To begin, I added five white willow ribs to each segment of the frame, ensuring that the inside hoop was the horizontal hoop. This meant that any weight on that inside hoop pulled it into the the decreasing circumference of the outside hoop.
 The next step was to weave several rows with the seagrass around the ribs.
 After six rows of weaving, I added another four ribs to each segment so that the spaces from rib to rib did not become too large.
 These additional ribs were then separated as I continued with the weaving.
 I tried to keep a balance between the weavings on each side.
 Eventually, the weavings of the two sides met, but, as usual with the "make its own shape" grapevine the segments were not equal. If you look closely at the photo above you will see the far side rim of the basket has a gap of around four inches still to be woven while the near side segment is complete at the rim.
 At this stage there are small gaps at the base that remain to be filled with weavers.
The finished basket .

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