Saturday, October 13, 2012

Using seagrass to make a rib basket

 My regular rib baskets make use of flat cane for the God's eyes and weavers. Today's inspiration (?) is to use seagrass instead. I will use grapevine hoops as in the example above and white willow for the ribs.
 To make a rib basket I choose two hoops of grapevine similar to these. Unlike these, I choose two of a similar size.
 I then place one hoop inside the other and at right angles to it. I then join the two hoops with God's eye weavings. This gives me space behind which to insert the ribs.
The ribs I will use are currently in soak. They are of "white willow", that is willow that had its bark removed when I cut them down in the spring after the first flush of leaves appeared. I will be able to continue this project on Monday when I have free time for weaving once more.

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