Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The finished stair basket

 I am quite pleased with the looks of this stair basket. My customer should be satisfied with the result. She wanted two such baskets without handles above the rim, and with seagrass weavers. She asked for holes at each end so she could lift it by putting her hands there. I could not figure out how to leave holes at each end with the seagrass and maintain the integrity of the basket, so I wove integrated handles instead.
This photo shows, in a close-up view, the integrated woven handle. A similar one is at the other end.

I am about to reweave the rim for the first basket I made to this design. The one inch flat cane and the round cane filler look so much better than the 1/2" flat cane and seagrass filler I used for the rim of that first basket. The one inch flat cane and sturdy round cane give much more strength to the rim. They also hold the shape much better. Once I have finished reworking the rim for that first basket, I will contact my customer so she can drop by and pick them up.

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